A life behind the lens

Stephen Marwood"The key to a successful photographic shoot is sensitivity: the ability to empathise with client, subject matter, setting and audience."

Stephen’s photographic campaigns pack a powerful punch, and it is easy to see why. Stephen is passionate about photography. He honed his creative skills as a child growing up between England and Pakistan. Exposure to wildly different attitudes towards art, colour, communication and even cuisine inspired Stephen and continues to influence his personal and professional life.

During these formative years, Stephen acquired the sensitivity and attention to detail that would help him to make the leap from amateur to professional photographer. Stephen builds a rapport with his subject matter, recognising the subtleties of colour, texture and lighting and is not afraid to learn new technologies which can help to define the final image.

From his Clerkenwell studio, on the cusp of the City of London, Stephen specialises in still-life photography for editorial and advertising campaigns. In his 20 years of working in the field, he has developed an extensive client portfolio.

Stephen Marwood: Photographer